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The Mammals of Texas - Online Edition

Online Help and FAQ

There is a school of thought that teaches if you have to explain a joke, then it isn't funny. Similarly, if you are reading this, then we haven't done our job properly. Please take a moment to send us email and tell us what you find troublesome in using this site. Your input will help to guide revisions and make The Mammals of Texas easier to use. Thank you.

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Conventions at this site

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Unfamiliar Content and Jargon

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Conventions at this site

  • regular text - the bulk of regular information from the book.
  • italic text - most often indicates the scientific name of a species.
  • Highlighted text in green - a hyperlink to additional information and/or another page.
  • Highlighted text in yellow - a hyperlink to a page that you have already visited.


The Navigation Bar

The green column at the left of your screen is the site Navigation Bar. By clicking the icons displayed on the bar, you may visit various pages in the site. In an effort to keep complexity to a minimum, only the icons deemed most important to using any given page are displayed there.

Microsoft Internet Explorer users have access to tooltips which provide a label for each icon. Netscape Navigator users are not so lucky. The following chart explains the icons:

"Next" - while browsing species entries, moves you to the next species. Elsewhere, moves you to the next major book section. "Help" - brings you to this page.
"Previous" - just like Next, but moves you backwards. "Ordering" - provides you with information on how to order a printed copy of The Mammals of Texas.
"Search" - takes you to the site's keyword search tool. "Sponsors" - displays a page listing the parties responsible for this site.
"Browse" - provides you with several options for browsing through the various sections of the book. "Comments" - brings up a form allowing you to leave public comments on the site.
"Home Page" - returns you to the site's title page; the one with the jaguar cub graphic at the top. "Copyright" - explains copyright and fair use rules that govern this site.


Unfamiliar content and jargon

The Mammals of Texas, though containing much of interest to the layman, is primarily a reference for wildlife professionals, enthusiasts, and serious students. As such, it contains many terms, ideas, and perspectives which may be foreign to the casual reader. Explanations of some of these concepts are provided in the book's appendices: