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The Mammals of Texas - Online Edition

Copyright Information

All materials, textual and graphical, found at this site, The Mammals of Texas - Online Edition, are copyrighted 1997 Texas Tech University.

All materials, textual and graphical, constituting the printed 1994 revision of The Mammals of Texas are copyrighted 1994 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (Nongame and Urban Program).

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this web site in any form, except in the following circumstances, which are considered fair use:

  • brief quotation for reviews, and
  • citation and brief quotation in academic works.

Photographs by John L. Tveten of the following animals are reproduced courtesy of Texas A&M University Press from Texas Mammals East of the Balcones Fault Zone by David J. Schmidly, Plains Harvest Mouse, White-footed Mouse, Golden Mouse, House Mouse, and Marsh Rice Rat. Reuse is prohibited.

Other photographs and illustrations are reproduced courtesy of the photographer or artist credited in the caption and at the bottom of online pages.

Special thanks to the following individuals who made the 1994 edition possible:

- Editor : Lisa Bradley
- Project Coordinator : Noreen Damude
- Art Director : Pris Martin
- Design : Suzanne Davis
- Cover Design : Elishea Morgan