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The Mammals of Texas - Online Edition

Appendix I.

The measurement system.

Previous editions of The Mammals of Texas used the old Roman system of measurements (foot-pound-inch, etc.) with the metric system equivalent recorded in parentheses. In this edition, we present only the metric system which is the official standard of measurement for scientific communication. For those who are less familiar with the metric system, the following table of metric-to-Roman conversion factors may be helpful.

To convert: Multiply by:
millimeters to inches 0.039
centimeters to inches 0.394
meters to feet 3.281
meters to yards 1.094
kilometers to miles 0.621
hectares to acres 2.471
hectares to square miles 0.004
liters to quarts 1.057
grams to ounces 0.035
kilograms to pounds 2.205
metric tons to tons 1.102