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The Museum of Texas Tech University provides three outlets for publishing scholarly works: Occasional Papers of the MuseumSpecial Publications of the Museum, and MuseologyOccasional Papers and Special Publications are produced by the Natural Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) and are edited by Dr. Robert D. Bradley, Assistant Director of the NSRL.   The Museum of Texas Tech University produces Museology under the editorship of Dr. Eileen Johnson, Museum Executive Director.  Please see the Museum website,, for more information regarding Museology.

Occasional Papers and Special Publications typically are focused on museum-based natural history research and involve specimens that are archived in accredited museums.  Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, taxonomic studies, faunal lists, species descriptions, zoonoses, distributional records, and field and museum techniques and methodology, including molecular methods that are applicable to field or museum research.

Publication in these series is available to all authors without regard to their association to Texas Tech University.  Authors who plan to submit manuscripts to these series should refer to both the Museum Publications Policy and the Guidelines and Procedures for Authors for more information.

Occasional Papers of the Museum
This series is composed of short to moderate length scientific papers and treatises (4-32 printed pages).   The Museum strives to produce 10 or more Occasional Papers annually.  The timely production of Occasional Papers receives priority over Special Publications.

All issues from 1996 to present are available for online viewing and printing. Paper reprints of these and the older issues also are available for purchase (see ordering information).

Special Publications of the Museum
This series is composed of book-length publications (>32 printed pages) resulting from major studies.  The Museum considers manuscripts that are submitted to Special Publications, and publishes those that are deemed acceptable, under the following conditions.

  • Manuscripts submitted to Special Publications are held to especially rigorous standards of review.
  • Accepted Special Publications are paged and printed as time allows, with priority for publication remaining with the Occasional Papers series.
  • Authors of Special Publications are charged an additional fee, prorated based on the number of printed pages, to offset partially the additional time and expense associated with producing publications of extended length.

Issues from 2005 to present are available for online viewing and printing. Paper reprints of these and older issues also are available for purchase (see ordering information).


Museum Publications Policy (PDF) REVISED September 2014

Guidelines and Procedures for Authors (PDF) REVISED March 2019

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