Heath J. Garner
Curator of Collections

M.A., Museum Science, Texas Tech University
B.S., Anthropology, University of Houston

I facilitate the daily operations of the NSRL’s collections. My duties include specimen processing, cataloging, and tracking, loan processing, student worker and volunteer training and supervision, documentation keeping, and collections preventative conservation. My interests are directed toward all aspects of natural history collection curation, data management, and the changing technologies in museum collections. I have been with NSRL since June of 2000.




Lisa Bradley
Production Editor, Publications and Research Associate

M.S. Wildlife Science, Texas A & M University, 1987
B.S. Wildlife Science, West Virginia University, 1984

My primary duty is the preparation of manuscripts for publication in the Museum series Occasional Papers and Special Publications.  I am responsible for communicating with authors and the Editor through the review and revision process, copy editing, proofreading, and final layout and design.  I also assist in the writing and editing of scientific articles published by NSRL staff, in the preparation and submission of grant proposals, and in the development of NSRL-related exhibits for the Museum.



Kathy MacDonald
Collections Manager, Genetic Resources Collection

Ph.D. candidate, Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University
M.A., Museum Science, Texas Tech University
B.S., Biology, University of Texas of the Permian Basin
B.S., Mathematics, University of Texas of the Permian Basin

My primary duties at the NSRL include management of the genetic resources collection and the training and supervision of its students and volunteers . On a daily basis I am involved with organization and processing of incoming samples as well as subsampling and processing of loans from the GRC. Other duties include maintaining the NSRL website, assisting with specimen tracking in the collections, and data management and design.

My research interests are currently focused on modelling rodent populations in relation to how their behavior affects the transmission of viruses. I am also interested in the behavior and management of captive animals, particularly stereotypic behavior in captive carnivores. My ultimate career goals lie in the registration and management of zoological and natural history collections.