Photo and Website Credits

The current form of the NSRL website was created and designed by Kathy MacDonald and Amelia Nusbaum based upon an existing website originally created Burhan Gharaibehand later added to/altered by Dr. R. Richard Monk(Searchable Database and other improvements), Jessica Carillo, Jackie Chavez, Oleksiy Knyazhnitskiy , Anastasiya Pocheptsova, and Reagan King. In addition to the above persons, text was contributed to the current website by Dr. Robert J. Baker, Dr. Robert D. Bradley, James Cokendolpher, Lisa Bradley, Heath J. Garner and Kathy MacDonald.

The Mammals of Texas, Online Edition was designed by Brian Bisbee and remains unchanged.

Title block images were contributed by James Cokendolpher, Jack Goldfarb, Dr. Nancy McIntyre, Dr. Peter Larsen, Dr. Robert D. Bradley, and Dr. Robert D. Baker.