Genetic Resources Collection

GRC Room 1The Genetic Resources Collection is a valuable resource at the Museum of Texas Tech University, providing a method for archiving tissues and their DNA for future research, including molecular genetics, epidemiological, and other relevant studies.

The Museum of Texas Tech University's Genetic Resources Collection is a biological archive of more than 305,000 genetic samples. These samples were taken from >90,000 individuals of predominantly mammals, but also some birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. The collection is world-wide in scope with especially strong mammalian holdings from the southwestern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, the Ukraine, and Malaysia. Currently, the majority of the samples are held at -80°C. However, the collection also contains samples in ethanol, lysis buffer, and DNA.

NEWS: Recently, Dr. Robert D. Bradley (Director of the NSRL) and Dr. Robert J. Baker (Former Director of the NSRL, now retired) submitted a proposal to the Collections in Support of Biological Research program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to transfer the frozen tissues of the GRC from the mechanical -80°C freezers to vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezers in order to ensure the collection’s long-term preservation and availability for scientific research.  That proposal was fully funded by NSF, with a start date of September 2015.  (See Abstract at  Currently, the GRC facility is being renovated to accommodate the LN system and upgrade the overall facility.  The system will consist of five TaylorWhartonTM LABS freezers supplied with liquid nitrogen via an exterior bulk tank and vacuum-jacketed piping.  Renovations are expected to be completed and LN freezers are scheduled to be installed and operational in January 2016. For more information on this project please visit here.