Dr. Brenda E. Rodgers

Research Associate


Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University

& Department of Family Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center



Dr. Rodgers joined the Chornobyl Research Team in 1997. Her dissertation, "Cytogenetic effects of exposure to Chornobyl radiation" examined exposure to the Chornobyl environment in native mammals, laboratory strains of mice and humans. Her research continues to focus on the effects of chronic exposure to low-dose radiation. Current projects include employing the micronucleus assay and chromosome painting to assess chromosomal damage in transgenic mice chronically exposed to the radioactive contamination at Chornobyl. Dr. Rodgers is also planning a collaborative project with Dr. Laura Baker and a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences for continued monitoring of the health effects of chronic exposures of humans to radioactive fallout from the Chornobyl accident. The proposed project will expand their previous study of scientists and liquidators occupationally exposed to Chornobyl radiation and will also include re-settlers of the 30 km Exclusion Zone.

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