Dr.R.Chesser, B. Oskolkov, Dr.K.Makova, Dr.B.Rodgers  and Dr.L.Baker at the Chernobyl NPP complex
Dr. M. Lomakin, B.Oskolkov, Dr. R.Chesser, Dr.B. Rodgers Dr. L.Baker and Dr. K. Makova in front of Chornobyl NPP
Church celling in village Krasnie
Amy Bickham at the International Radioecology Laboratory in Slavutych, Ukraine
Igor Chizevskyi and Amy Bickham in Red Forest
Dr. Robert Baker in Chornobyl
Vole trapped in the Red Forest and fitted with a dosimeter
Dr. Brenda Rodgers near lake Glyboke
Dr. Brenda Rodgers trapping in Red Forest
Dr. Bondarkov and Dr. Chesser in the abandoned city of Prypiat
Dr.Chesser and Dr. Rodgers at the Chornobyl NPP complex
Dr. C. Phillips in Chornobyl
Dr. R. Chesser and Dr. R.Baker on the Prypiat bridge
Dr. C. Phillips in the lab at Chornobyl
Dr. Andrew DeWoody in control room
Sergey Gashak and Jeffrey Wickliffe at the IRL
Dr. A. DeWoody and Heidi Bradner in the Red Forest
Segey Gashak in the forest in the exclusion zone
Sergey Gashak in the forest in the exclusion zone
Dr. J. Bickham, Amy Bickham, Dr. B.Rodgers and Igor Chizevsky trapping in the Red Forest
Dr. R. Baker, Dr. R. Chesser, Dr. C. Phillips and Jeffrey Wickliffe near Glyboke Lake
Research group in the IRL
Jeffrey Wickliffe is checking radioactivity of swallow nests
Jeffrey Wickliffe, Dr. R.Baker and Sergey Gashak working on enclosure in Red Forest
Dr B. Rodgers and Dr. L. Baker near Chornobyl NPP
Andrej Arkhipov in abandoned city of Pripyat.
Dr.Chesser with the traps for voles
Dr. Baker in the Chornobyl region
Sergey Gashak in the forest in the exclusion zone
Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant