Ukrainian Research Team:


Mikhail Bondarkov


Sergey Gaschak
Deputy Director of International Radioecology Laboratory (Slavutych, Ukraine)

M.D. (zoology) – 1984, Kharkov State University (Ukraine)

In 1986 he took part in decontamination activity near the Chernobyl NPP. Since 1990 he worked in research laboratories in the Chernobyl zone. Took part in number of international research projects around Chernobyl zone problems. He had and continues to support scientific contacts with researchers from U.K., Sweden, Greece, U.S.A. As an expert he took part in activity of works groups of IAEA. The main interest:

  • General problems of radioactive contamination of environment
  • agricultural production and countermeasures at conditions of radioactive contamination,
  • radioactive contamination of game animals,
  • radiation effects in populations of plants and animals,
  • transformation and development of biocenosises in the Chernobyl zone,
  • wildlife diversity and problems of its conservation,
  • problems of radiation and common ecology of abandoned urban environment,
  • radioecology of wild animals in Chernobyl (small mammals, small birds, reptilians, amphibians).

He has more 60 scientific publications, took part in works of tens international scientific conferences.


Julia Makluk


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