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NSRL: A Look Inside video - video produced by Daniel Tyler with NSRL staff


Dr. Bradley, Director of the NSRL, discusses the myth of the chupacabra with KMAC news following a recent sighting in Hockley County
Chupacabra sighting in Hockley County? The Legend Continues in West Texas


NSF Grant Extends Life of Genetic Tissue Samples at Texas Tech’s NSRL

A Design for Blood


On 30-year Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster, Texas Tech Biologists Discuss their Research:

Texas Tech Researchers Study Effects of Radiation After Chernobyl Disaster

30 years later, Tech Researchers are Still Learning from Chernobyl Disaster

 TTU Professors Studying Chernobyl After Effects


NSRL Fieldtrip Video - created by Peter Larsen and Kathy MacDonald


James Cokendolpher, NSRL Curator of Invertebrates, discusses the recent discovery of a new arachnid species.


“Texas Tech Research Played Key Role in 1993 Hantavirus Epidemic” - YouTube video, May 2013,