Media and Resources

14 November 2018 The Invertebrate Zoology Collection is now available for loan requests.

15 August 2018  A professional obituary for Robert J. Baker, authored by Hugh Genoways et al., has been published in the August issue of the Journal of Mammalogy

25 April 2018 The NSRL exhibit Grasslands of North America and Africa, now open at the Museum of TTU, is  highlighted in this local news segment

12 May 2017  VNSRL Director Robert Bradley recently was honored for being a mentor of women in science. Awards granted by Association for Women in STEAM

February 2017  Video that offers a look into the NSRL!  Discover Texas Tech: Natural Science Research Laboratory

January 2017  Bats and Rats: A Deeper Look into Research at the NSRL – This article in Texas Tech Today highlights current research projects of NSRL Curator of Genetic Resources Caleb Phillips, NSRL Faculty Associate Richard Stevens, and NSRL Faculty Associate Liam McGuire.

January 2017 Texas Tech’s NSRL: Where the Wild Things Are– This article in Texas Tech Today, the official news source for Texas Tech University, features the NSRL and the value of its collections for research.  Includes interviews with Dr. Robert D. Bradley and Dr. David Ray.

September 2016 South Plains skunks out and about in “fall shuffle” – A Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newspaper article about skunks. Includes an interview with Dr. Robert Bradley, Director of the NSRL.

May 2016  A Design for Blood – This article in Texas Tech Discoveries, an online magazine by the TTU Office of the Vice President for Research, highlights the work of Dr. Caleb Phillips, Curator of the GRC, and former NSRL Director Dr. Robert J. Baker, to determine the genetic basis for the unique anticoagulant properties of vampire bat saliva.

May 2016 Chupacabra sighting in Hockley County? The Legend Continues in West Texas - Dr. Bradley, Director of the NSRL, discusses the myth of the chupacabra with KAMC news (Lubbock) following a recent sighting in Hockley County

April 2016 On 30-year Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster, Texas Tech Biologists were interviewed by local media regarding their research using radioactive specimens archived at the NSRL –

Texas Tech Researchers Study Effects of Radiation After Chernobyl Disaster

30 years later, Tech Researchers are Still Learning from Chernobyl Disaster

 TTU Professors Studying Chernobyl After Effects

August 2015 NSRL: A Look Inside video - A YouTube video, produced by Daniel Tyler with NSRL staff, that provides an overview of what the NSRL is all about.

2014 NSRL Fieldtrips – This link downloads an MP4 movie(~ 5 minutes long; 162 MB) created in 2014 based on a PowerPoint slideshow originally created by Peter Larsen in 2008 with updates from more recent field trips.  The video highlights the wildlife, landscapes, people, and research conducted during various NSRL expeditions from 1994 to 2007 in the American Southwest, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, and more.

May 2013 Texas Tech Research Played Key Role in 1993 Hantavirus Epidemic - A YouTube video, featuring Dr. Robert J. Baker and Dr. Robert D. Bradley, discussing the NSRL’s role in understanding the source of Hantavirus and its mode of transmission to humans.

February 2013 Cool Jobs: Museum Science – A website article by Science News for Students about the value of natural history collections for scientific research; includes a discussion of the NSRL and research by Dr. Baker and Dr. Bradley on hantaviruses and other rodent-borne diseases.

November 2010 Texas Tech Researcher Documents New Arachnid – A YouTube video highlighting NSRL Curator of Invertebrates James Cokendolpher’s discovery of a new pseudoscorpion species from Yosemite National Park