The Curators of the NSRL, in collaboration with students and with other researchers from around the world, actively conduct field expeditions and projects that contribute to advancements in the biological sciences.  These research projects enhance our knowledge and understanding of biological diversity, biogeography, conservation, systematics and evolution, population genetics, zoonoses and emerging infectious diseases, ecotoxicology, and more.

A few of the past research projects led by NSRL Curators are highlighted below.


Wind Turbines and Bats: Research at the Reese Technology Center

Mammal Collections and Zoonoses

Biodiversity, Mammalian Evolution, and Disease Surveillance in Central Asia

Mammal Species Diversity in Malaysia

Other Projects:

Genetic Resources Collection Liquid Nitrogen Grant

Chornobyl Website

Mammal Surveys on State-owned Lands, 1996-1999