Student Involvement

The Natural Science Research Laboratory, a part of the Museum of Texas Tech University, takes pride in its role to foster Rachel placing tray of specimensuniversity students in their education. University students make up a large percentage of the employee and volunteer hours contributed to the functioning of the NSRL. Museum students not only have the opportunity to apply their education in a real world setting, but they also play a vital role as a member of the team furthering the mission of the NSRL. Students from other majors may also find opportunities to learn through practicums customized to their individual learning needs.

The Natural Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) hosts many opportunities for professional development through internship appointments, practicums and Research Assistantships. Amy subsampling lysisThere are a wide variety of opportunities, from short-term appointments to long-term relationships, that welcome students and dedicated individuals interested in contributing to the efforts of the NSRL. The NSRL staff will work with a candidate to customize an internship or practicum that achieves the students requirements while fitting the Museum's goals and capabilities.

Anyone wishing to broaden their educational experience by applying for an internship, practicum, or research assistanceship must be enrolled in college to qualify for placement. For information about learning opportunities at the NSRL, please contact the Director of the NSRL, Dr. Robert Bradley. High school students interested in contributing to the NSRL please visit Volunteer Opportunities page.